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Trip overview

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TransportationToTimeFareRuns every
Walk/bike/drivePacific Station (Metro Center)
920 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
Highway 17 ExpressSan Jose (Diridon) Station1 hour$4.001-2 hours
VTA 180/181 busFremont BART Station1 hour$3.5015-60 min
BARTDowntown Berkeley BART Station45 min$4.0515-20 min
Shattuck Ave & Center St, Berkeley
AC TransitAll points in Berkeley$1.75
Trip parameters
Total fare$11.55
Total travel time3.5 hours
Latest departure timePM
Latest return time7:45 PM

You can walk lots of places in Berkeley, so the last step is optional and not covered.

1st Step: Highway 17 Express to San Jose

Please review the Santa Cruz to San Jose page. When you are finished with that page, use your Web browser’s “Back” command to return here. Differences to note:

2nd Step: VTA 180 or 181 to Fremont

Please review the VTA 180/181 bus instructions on the Santa Cruz to Fremont page. Again, use the “Back” command to return here.

3rd Step: BART to Downtown Berkeley Station

Please review the BART instructions on the Santa Cruz to Oakland Airport page. Again, use the “Back” command to return here. Differences to note:

Attractions in Berkeley

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Directions are relative to the main entrance/exit of the Downtown Berkeley BART Station. This entrance/exit has two escalators and a distinctive, round structure. It is the middle of the station.

Selected attractions in San Francisco
UC Berkeley (Cal)Flagship campus of the University of CaliforniaMake a U-turn as you leave the station. Cross Shattuck Avenue. Go 1 block up Center Street, to West Entrance of campus. Address: Oxford and Center Streets
Telegraph AvenueAuthentic local street sceneTurn left as you leave the station. Go 3 blocks on Shattuck Avenue. Turn left on Bancroft Way and go 3 blocks, to the foot of Telegraph Avenue. Address: Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way
Amoeba MusicHuge selection of music and movies, new and usedFollow directions for Telegraph Avenue. Go 3 blocks on Telegraph. Address: 2455 Telegraph Avenue
Extreme PizzaDelicious but overpriced pizza, made to order (individual-size available)Turn left as you leave the station. Go 5 blocks on Shattuck Avenue. Look for a small storefront. If you’ve passed Blockbuster Video, you’ve gone too far. Address: 2352 Shattuck Avenue
Public LibraryImpressive architecture and impressive books. A relaxing stop.Turn left as you leave the Station. Go 2 blocks on Shattuck Avenue. Cross Kittredge Street and turn right. The library entrance is just ahead. Address: 2090 Kittredge Street
Tilden ParkHiking, swimming (lake), merry-go-round, nature center, botanical garden, miniature ride-along steam train. A secluded spot minutes away from Berkeley.Make a U-turn as you leave the station. Cross Shattuck Avenue and Center Street. Get on next AC Transit 67 bus. Weekends: Bus enters park and stops at end of parking lot. (Weekdays: Ask driver to let you off at Spruce Street and Grizzly Peak Boulevard. Cross diagonally and follow Canon Drive into park. Turn left and continue through the parking lot.) Go forward and bear right. At nature center, get map showing trails and attractions. Address: Spruce Street and Grizzly Peak Boulevard

Returning home

Finding the return train

Enter Downtown Berkeley BART Station and go down to the mezzanine. Buy a $3.60 ticket and process it in one of the fare gates. Go down again. Wait for the next Richmond train. Avoid all other trains.

Planning your trip

There’s no need to plan your Berkeley trip in advance. The Highway 17 Express bus runs every one to two hours, the VTA 180/181 bus, every 15 minutes to an hour, and the BART train, every 15 to 20 minutes. In case you do have to wait, all points on this itinerary have stations with indoor waiting areas, telephones, water fountains and restrooms (exception: the restroom in the Downtown Berkely BART Station is closed to prevent terrorism). Food is available inside the stations or nearby.

If you try the excursion to Tilden Park on the AC Transit 67 bus, ask the driver where to catch the bus back to Downtown Berkeley. Check the schedule in advance, so that you’ll know when to leave the park.

Telephone numbers

For the Highway 17 Express, dial 1 877 9-RIDE-CC (nationwide, toll-free). Ask for schedules between Santa Cruz and San Jose. For other transportation services, dial 511 (San Francisco Bay Area, toll-free) or 1 408 817-1717.

Know before you go

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