Santa Cruz to San Jose -

Trip overview

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TransportationToTimeFareRuns every
Walk/bike/drivePacific Station (Metro Center)
920 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
Highway 17 ExpressSan Jose (Diridon) Station1 hour$4.001-2 hours
65 Cahill St, San Jose
Trip parameters
Total fare$4.00
Total travel time1 hour
Latest departure timePM
Latest return time10 PM

Highway 17 Express Bus service between Santa Cruz and San Jose connects with Caltrain, VTA and Amtrak. Print your own wallet-size Highway 17 schedule and Highway 17 + Caltrain schedule, only available here!

Highway 17 Express to San Jose

Highway 17 Express buses have dark blue, yellow, light blue, and white stripes. / Highway 17 Express buses have plush high-back seats with head rests and arm rests.

You will use the Highway 17 Express to get from Santa Cruz to San Jose. The buses are modern and have reclining seats, footrests, reading lights, overhead luggage racks, and self-service under-floor luggage compartments. (You will occasionally encounter older buses that lack the under-floor luggage compartments.) You can bring food on board.

Finding the bus stop

The bus leaves from a specially marked bus stop at Lane 2 of Pacific Station (Metro Center). Lane 2 is in the middle of the transit center, and to your left as you face the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company counter.

Preparing to get off in San Jose

San Jose (Diridon) Station is a major stop (and on weekends, the last stop). The automated announcement system will announce it. The bus will pass the station building and then pull in to a small transit center.

Attractions near San Jose (Diridon) Station

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Selected attractions near San Jose (Diridon) Station
HP PavillionSan Jose Sharks hockey. Shows and concerts.Leave station by front door, go left on Cahill Street. Address: 525 West Santa Clara Street
Pure pork sausage signNeon sign with dancing pig. An amusing landmark.Leave station by front door, go right on Cahill Street, go left on San Carlos Street. Address: 105 South Montgomery Street
Delmas MarketLate-night variety store. Handy when coffee shop in station is closed.Go to Pure Pork Sausage sign, continue on San Carlos Street. Address: 101 Delmas Avenue

Stephen’s Meat Products has a large neon sign with a dancing pig and the caption, "Pure Pork Sausage". Photo: The pure pork sausage sign. If you are riding the Highway 17 Express to San Jose (Diridon) Station for the first time, the sign serves as a landmark; you will arrive at the station in just a few minutes.

Returning home

Finding the return bus

When you are ready to return to Santa Cruz, leave San Jose (Diridon) Station by the front door, turn left, and wait at the bus stop. Do not get on the bus if the sign or the announcement says “San Jose”. Also avoid “Soquel”.

Preparing to get off in Santa Cruz

Pacific Station (Metro Center) is the last stop. The automated announcement system will announce it.

Planning your trip

There’s no need to plan your San Jose trip in advance. The Highway 17 Express bus runs every one to two hours. In case you do have to wait, both ends of this itinerary have stations with indoor waiting areas, restrooms, water fountains, telephones, and food vendors.

Telephone numbers

For the Highway 17 Express, dial 1 877 9-RIDE-CC (nationwide, toll-free). Ask for schedules between Santa Cruz and San Jose.

Know before you go

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