Santa Cruz to Capitola Mall -

Trip overview

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TransportationToTimeFareRuns every
Walk/bike/drivePacific Station (Metro Center)
920 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
Metro 69 busCapitola Mall30 min$1.5015-60 min
Near Carl’s Junior & Chili’s
Trip parameters
Total fare$1.50
Total travel time30 minutes
Latest departure time10:30 PM
Latest return time11:00 PM

It’s easy to get to the mall by bus!

69 bus to Capitola Mall

You will use the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District Route 69 bus to get from Santa Cruz to the Capitola Mall. Santa Cruz Metro has clean, comfortable buses. You can bring food on board.

Finding the bus

The bus leaves from Lane 4 of Pacific Station (Metro Center). This lane is on the far side of the transit center. Be alert, because the bus can stop anywhere along the lane. Check the destination sign or listen for the automated announcement to make sure that you are getting on a 69 bus (don’t worry if there’s a letter after the 69).

Late-night alternative

After the 69 bus has stopped running, you must take the 68N bus.

Preparing to get off at the Capitola Mall

Capitola Mall is a major stop. The automated announcement system will announce it. The bus will stop at a small transit center inside the mall parking lot. The transit center is near Carl’s Junior, Starbucks and Chili’s.

Attractions at the Capitola Mall

For stores, restaurants and services, consult the Capitola Mall Store Directory.

Not listed are the Ross discount department store, the PG&E payment center, and other businesses clustered around the mall.

Returning home

Finding the return bus

When you are ready to return to Santa Cruz, find Starbucks and Chili’s and leave the Mall by that exit. Turn right and go to the bus shelter. Do not cross the roadway: buses to Santa Cruz stop on the near side. Get on the next 68N or 69 bus (it doesn’t matter if there’s a letter after the 69).

Preparing to get off in Santa Cruz

Pacific Station (Metro Center) is the last stop. The automated announcement system will announce it.

Planning your trip

There’s no need to plan your Capitola Mall shopping trip in advance. The 69 bus runs every 15 minutes during the day; every half hour in the evening and on weekends; and every hour at night. In case you do have to wait, both ends of this itinerary have indoor waiting areas, restrooms, water fountains, telephones, and food vendors.

Telephone numbers

For Santa Cruz Metro, dial 1 831 425-8600.

Know before you go

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